How to Nourish Dry hair at Home? a Best Recipe

How To Nourish The Dry hair at home

Mayonnaise and black seed oil recipe for Nourish your Dry hair

The Hair is The Most Valuable part of our Body Beautiness, it’s very important part and We always try to take care about The hair, Always try to keep it healthy, stronger, Longer and Nourish ed,

So as Thinking of Hair importance, How we can Nourish our dry hair at home? we’re going to share here a Best Home Made Recipe To keep Your Hair Nourished, and Stronger with preventing the hair loss.

Hair Nourishing Recipe Ingredients

In This Recipe we’re Using Only 2 Natural Ingredients.  1. Mayonnaise 4 table spoons. Which are Very Effective to increase hair Length, and Nourish The dry Hair Scalp. 2. Black Seed oil 4 table spoons.  Which are beneficial for Human in Many things,  and for the Topic it’s very very Effective Tonic for Strength and Stop the hair Loss With Nourish your Dry and Very Dry hair.

How to Prepare The Recipe

How To Nourish The Dry hair at home

Bring A Metat Bowl and put 4 table spoons Mayonnaise and 4 table spoons of Black seed oil. And mix Them very well until the recipe is homogeneous.

Note: if you want More amount of Your Paste you can make it by Put the ingredients as 50/50 and Mix them Very well.

After That Put the Recipe pastes directly on Your hair scalp, and Massage them continuously From Scalp Roots to the ends of hair.

After finishing the Putting your recipe at hair, Leave it on the hair at least for 20 minutes. And then Wash your hair well with warm water and shampoo.

You can Repeat the recipe once or Twice a week to get The Best Results for Nourish and Strong your Hair.

why you Need to Try This Recipe!

Truly This Amazing Recipe is Work to Prevent your Hair Loss by Strengthening the hair Follicles and muscles.

It’s Also Best for Nourished your dry hair with serving Protein as well. Because it’s made from Mayonnaise. Which are Richest in Nutrients that are need our Hair to become stronger and Nourished.

And There’re Using Balck seed oil which are Increase Blood circulation in the hair follicles and then increse The hair Regrowthing with reduce the hair loss. And the Mayonnaise also very Richest formula for Nourish the hair and Stop the hair Loss.

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