Home Made Gooseberry (Amla) Recipe for Hair Growth

Home Made Gooseberry (Amla) Recipe for Hair Growth

gooseberry and lemon recipe for hair nutrition

There in India Gooseberry (Amla) is Famous as a Best Herbs For consume Hair Nutrition, usually, it’s help to lengthen your hair with increase the hair Density,

when you Mix the gooseberry with Lemon, it will more Effective because Lemon contains antioxidants, which are Help to growth and increase your hair density as well.

This Recipe ingredients

Indian gooseberry 3 Tablespoons

Natural Lemon Juice 3 Tablespoons and deep bowl for prepare the recipe.


How to Made Gooseberry (Amla) Recipe for Hair Growth

Home Made Gooseberry (Amla) Recipe for Hair Growth
Home Made Gooseberry (Amla) Recipe for Hair Growth

This is A Easy Home Made Recipe for Give your Hair best Nutrition to Stop your hair Loss, lengthening your hair, and Growth Your Hair.

and Increase your hair density as well, to prepare this recipe, you need a deep bowl and then mix your Recipe ingredients as well together,

take 3 Tablespoons of Indian gooseberry and 3 Tablespoons of Natural lemon juice then mix them well.

After That Put your mixed paste on the hair Directly with Massage your scalp and hair continously from roots to ends.

And Leave the recipe at least for 20 minutes, then after 20 minutes rain’s your with warm water and a Natural shampoo.

Same As This Repeat the recipe 2 times a Week and Continue with This Recipe at least 2 months, then you may get the Long, Volume and Stronger healthy hair.


Gooseberry (Amla) Recipe benefits for your hair Growth

This Recipe will Work to quickly Lengthening and increase your hair density as well, The Indian Gooseberry has ability of increasing hair growth, hair intensifying and hair lengthening, and many hair care products made by include the indian gooseberry,

Indian gooseberry strengthens the roots of the hair, which leads to the cohesion of the hair and prevents it from falling out easily.

This Recipe help you to stop your hair loss with increase the hair growth, because this recipe contains Indian gooseberry and India Gooseberry consume carotene, iron and antioxidants, which are very important elements to prevent your hair Loss and lengthening the hair with increase hair Density.

Also this recipe have another important Benefits, it’s help to treat your dandruff due to the ability of lemon to clean the hair and scalp.


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